Commercial EPC for Solar P.V.

Commercial EPC for Solar P.V.

15:47 30 March in Solar

We recently carried out a Commercial EPC for one of our clients who were fitting Solar P.V. to a newly built office for a construction company. The property although newly constructed did gave a rating that is consistent with a property of that type and construction.

A Commercial EPC looks at various attributes of the property such as fabric, heating, glazing, internal walls, floors, heating controls etc.

The property had a Air Source Heat Pump with radiators. The ASHP was controlled from time and temperature control with the added benefit of a weather compensator.

A weather compensator measures the outside temperature so that the inside condition of the building reaches the desired temp at the time set. The property was insulated to the current building regs which helps to keep the heat generated inside the building.

By adding the solar p.v. the client can use the generated electricity to run the ASHP. The property was also lit from LED lighting which was fitted to 90% of the property with low energy lighting forming the rest.

More and more people are now choosing to install these renewable technologies as the fluctuation of gas and oil prices make predicting energy bills difficult. This alongside the payments that you get from generating your own electricity and heating makes installing renewables the Future.

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