New Build EPC’s

When the construction of a new building is completed, the builder or person responsible for the construction is responsible for obtaining the certificate and providing it to the owner.

This is a duty under Building Regulations. This will also apply if a building is converted into fewer or more units and there are changes to the heating, hot water provision or air conditioning/ ventilation services.

Domestic properties require an EPC on construction and some commercial buildings will require an EPC on construction or conversion.  Guidance information on Energy Performance Certificates for homes and commercial buildings is available below and on the website.

On Construction EPCs are produced off plan using full SAP (standard assessment procedure) this is more accurate than RdSAP as used in existing dwellings because all the build specification is available to the assessor. On Construction EPCs (SAP)are required before a new build can be certified by building control, EPCs are also required for the sale and let of new build properties, new build properties can be marketed at the design stage as the assessor can produce a Predicted Energy Assessment (PEA) off the plan and build specification before the property is built. The property has to be  completed before the full EPC can be issued.

New buildings must comply with Building Regulation Part 1LA  and the Air Tightness Test result is calculated in to the EPC calculation, the result of the Air Tightness Test affects the rating.

Property extensions may also be required to have a SAP rating from Building Control before the work can be signed off.