Renewable Heat Incentives

Renewable Heat Incentives

15:49 30 March in News

Get paid for the heat that you use.

If your thinking of, or needing to update your heating system have you thought of renewable technologies.

From the 1st April 2015-30 June 2015 the following rates are as follows,

  • Ground Source Heat Pumps 19.10p
  • Air Source Heat Pumps 7.42p
  • Biomass boilers 8.93p
  • Solar Thermal 19.51

To claim your RHI payment you will need to have a Green Deal Assessment on your property. Future Energy have carried out over 1000+ Green Deal Assessments for house types from terraces to bespoke built properties. As well as caring out the energy assessment we also need information during the assessment of your heating patterns and occupancy. We will need fuel data from the previous 12 months (if available). If this is not possible we can still carry out the assessment but we use average figures from a property of that type.

Commercial properties can now benefit from free to fit and maintain Biomass Boilers. These are supplied, installed and maintained for 20 years which is a huge saving on fuel costs compared to electricity, gas, oil etc.

For more info then drop us an e-mail or give us a call on: 01457 899 276

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